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Each order equal to or above 50,00 BGN are with free delivery for Bulgaria.

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Lenses price included

The price of each pair of eyeglasses includes a pair of clear single vision spherical lenses Eco 1.5 with hard coat Safe. Read more here about the lenses included in the frames' price.




Prescription eyewear is a table with values ​​describing the necessary correction for you. The table consists of two lines, one for the right eye and one for the left eye. Four columns contain information about the cost of the necessary correction.

  • SPH or Sphere describes the value of your myopia or hyperopia, the values ​​can be positive (+) or negative (-).
  • CYL or Cylinder describes the value of astigmatism values ​​can be positive (+) or negative (-).
  • AXIS into account the orientation of the astigmatic correction, measured in degrees from 1 ° to 180 °.
  • ADD or NV- describes the need for vision correction for close range, used in prescription reading glasses, bifocal or progressive glasses.
  • O.D. - Means right eye
  • O.S. - Means left eye
  • PD or Pupillary Distance - Interpupillary distance is the distance between the centers of the two pupils measured in millimeters varies between 54 and 70mm. It is necessary for the proper production of all types of prescription glasses.



  • You can do this using line and mirror. Place top of the line just below the center of the pupil, look straight ahead and reported distance to the center of the other pupil. The same distance can read if you measure the distance from the beginning of one to the beginning of another pupil. Repeat for greater accuracy.

  • Ask someone to measure your interpupillary distance with a ruler.
  • In the event that you are eye examination during the event, ask your eye specialist to identify and record in your recipe interpupillary distance.
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